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At AJ Firewood we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality Firewood available, we go to great lengths to make sure the wood we sell has been properly kiln dried under 20% moisture so when it gets delivered its ready to burn.

In May 2021 the government will be passing a law banning the sale of Wet firewood with a moisture content over 20% moisture. This is the reason we have stopped supplying seasoned firewood this winter and have gone over to only supplying our kiln dried firewood that is accredited as part of the "Ready to burn" 


We are also one of very few firewood companies that have been accredated for the Biomass Suppliers list. This is a list of trusted suppliers that can supply quality fuel to customers that claim the governments RHI payments.


We offer many different size options to try and cater for every customer, we know everyone is different, some people have more space to store wood than others so if you are unable to take a full cubic metre you can collect nets from our HQ in Pontypool.

We have our own firewood drying kiln system, this runs off waste wood and ensures that we have dry firewood all year round!


If you need to know anymore information about AJ Firewood let us know :)

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