AJ Firewood is your quality "Ready to Burn" accredited firewood supplier. 

We supply Kiln Dried Firewood, Coal and many other products in various shapes and sizes to cater for all your fuel needs. We guarantee to have stock of our firewood throughout the winter so sit back, relax and get the fire on!

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Loose Cubic Metre - Kiln Dried Hardwood


1.25m3 Kiln Dried

Birch Crate


birch (1).png

2.5m3 Kiln Dried Birch Crate


birch (2).png

2.5m3 Kiln Dried Oak Crate



1.25m3 Kiln Dried Oak Crate


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50x Kiln Dried Hardwood Nets


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August 2020

New Firewood Crates!

We have some exciting new things happening this winter. We are now supplying stacked crates of firewood to NP and CF postcodes. We are no longer delivering loose firewood to CF postcodes, this decision wasn't taken lightly but we believe the stacked crates are a better value for money and will mean you will have your firewood delivered within days instead of weeks! 

April 2020

Ready to Burn Firewood

We are now "Ready To Burn" Certified!

This means we have been accredited to make sure all our Softwood and Kiln Dried hardwood is under 20% moisture giving you the best and most efficient burn. 

We are the only firewood supplier in the area to currently have this accreditation so this means you can buy with confidence that you are buying quality firewood

August 2020

Stacking Service

We have taken the decision that we are unable to offer a stacking service for loose firewood.

We havnt taken this decision lightly but with our delivery times in the winter can get above 7 working days so we need to prioritise our loose loads and make sure as many people are keeping warm as possible,

We do have an alternative of 30 kiln dried hardwood nets for £165 that may be useful for many of our stacking customers.

If you have any queries regarding our stacking service please call us on 07976 253574